I’m not sure but I’m here

I try to practice more often so that’s why this post it’s in English, but anyway, it’s been a while, I’ve given a lot of thought into returning here and I don’t know if it finally happened. Such a weird thing, I’ve return to read old posts here and there, I was definitely not good at it, so many things missing. I kinda want to leave as much as possible social media. Focus on other stuff, but I do unfortunately like to give my opinion, to no one to be honest, just leave it there, for the moment at least. 
So I’ll see if this lasts, I also may not talk about books any more, I don’t read as much as before, but I’ll still post about the things I like, I guess, I’m not sure yet, I’ll leave it open. 

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-Me tardo entre dos o tes días (o diez incluso, si estoy de vacaciones) en contestar a tu comentario.-
Que bien que vas a comentar! ¿por que eso es lo que vas a hacer, verdad?
Cada que comentas ayudas a que un hada viva (?) jajaja okno. Sabes que tu comentarios son como el alimento, y tus visitas son la bebida de este blog. ¿Me ayudas a mantenerlo vivo?